1. My name is Lineke Kroon, born in Haarlem in 1978 and for years Haarlems fastest runner at the half and whole marathon (1.22 and 2.58 in 2019).No idea how that is possible haha; I still like french fries and a nice beer. (-;

  2. From 2015 until 2018 I lived with my family as an expat in Belgium. A big change! As soon as I could I joined the local runningclub in Overijse and made friends for life. I know how important it is to feel at home in a new place. Friends can help with that. Especially if you have common interests. (like running!)

  3. Today I'am a runninginstructor in Haarlem with my own running group. So, if you want to run with a nice group, meet new people and work on your endurance, speed and running technique, join our group and start running at Lopen als Lifestyle.

Personal Training

Do you want to run when it suits you? Alone or together with a friend? That's also possible with Lopen als Lifestyle. As a personal trainer, I'm there to help you, to achieve your goals.

Before the training w'll do a short intake. We determine your goal and see where you are standing now. That goal can vary from 'start running' to 'a faster half marathon'. It is your training! For more information you can email me via

One hour personal training: €49,50.

With two: € 29,50 pp

Running Groups

Do you want to get more endurance, a better running technique and improve yourself?

Or do you want to meet new people?

Or do you always run the same round and are you ready for something new?

Whatever reason you have, come run in our running group! We offer a fun and varied training, in which we work on your endurance and also pay attention to your running technique.

Running group Thursday morning 8.45 - 9.45

Do you want to start running (again), then this training is for you.

Experienced runners are also more than welcome! We pay attention to your running- technique and you get more endurance.

TWe gather at 8.45 next to het Pannekoeken/ theehuisje in de Hout, in the Haarlemmer Hout.

(adress below)

There is also a running group on Tuesday evening 19.30 - 20.30

We also gather at the Pannekoeken / theehuisje in the Haarlemmerhout at 19.30. The paths in and around the forest are perfect for running. Beginners are certainly welcome and receive an adapted program, if they like.

2 months membership, including a runningschedule: € 49,50


Running for companies

More and more companies recognize the importance of fit employees.

And they are right!

Fit employees are more productive, less often sick and less stressed.

Research shows that people who exercise in the morning:

- work in a more structured way

- are able to concentrate better

- focus better

- be more creative

You can achieve this under my guidance.

Lunch Run

In Sweden they get it:half an hour exercise during lunchbreak. Just empty your head, increase your heart rate and get a fresh nose. Then a healthy lunch and you are ready for the rest of the day.

I am happy to support you and your colleagues.

Training with your company for a race

Many companies participate in running competitions. And for a good cause. It is good advertising for your organization. But even more important: really good for the team spirit. The feeling that you are working towards something together. Encourages each other. Put down a performance together and celebrate this together. No company drinks can compete with that.

Want to know more about running your business?

Do you want to know how you can start running with your colleagues or employees? I help you, your team and your colleagues to go running together. And keep that up. Feel free to mail or call me for an introduction or proposition.


Lineke Kroon

06 41485122